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Samsung wins contract for the new Snapdragon X60’s production

18 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

World’s famous chip manufacturer, Qualcomm, has just announced the Snapdragon X60, a next-generation 5G modem that could have faster network […]

Future OnePlus and Oppo phones could feature custom chipsets

18 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have all developed custom chipsets over the years. This has allowed them to reduce dependence on […]

Programmer Calls Out iOS as Adware

18 Feb 20 | Apple, iOS, Windows

Microsoft users often complain about advertising in Windows. But as a prominent Apple developer points out, iOS is even worse. […]

Here's why Galaxy Z Flip's folding glass display cover is still protected by a plastic film

18 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

Beware of manufactured controversies should be the lesson from yesterday’s brouhaha around the Galaxy Z Flip‘s ultrathin bendable display glass […]

Google’s new file system can let you play Android games before they’re completely downloaded

18 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

In this day and age, we are playing more and more games on our Android phones, as the graphics become […]

Reputable analyst expects Galaxy S20 sales to prove underwhelming

18 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

Unlike the somewhat contentious Galaxy Z Flip, which kinda sorta went up for sale shortly after its official announcement, the […]

What to expect from Apple's upcoming spring event: iPhone 9, new iPads, more?

18 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

In case you’re in need of your hardware fix, —there’s no need to wait all the way to September 2020, […]

Best Buy is having a blowout sale on select official Apple cases for new and old iPhones

18 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

Pink sand Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS Max In addition to routinely offering some of the greatest iPhone […]

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