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No, Samsung did not lie about the display on the Galaxy Z Flip

16 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

When comparing the Motorola razr and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip side-by-side,  it would appear from the anecdotal evidence that […]

The cancellation of MWC Barcelona came at a huge financial cost

16 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

If you missed the news, because of the coronavirus pandemic which has killed 1,669 people to date, the decision was […]

EE's fantastic SIM only plan offers 60GB of data for just £20 per month

16 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

The most popular mobile network in the UK is often times also the most expensive. But BT-owned EE is feeling […]

Microsoft could add new 'Spaces' organizational tool to Outlook

16 Feb 20 | Windows

Credit: The Walking Cat (@h0x0d) Microsoft is working on a new organizational feature that could debut first as part of […]

Google Maps could show political borders based on geographical location

16 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

Apple and Google were in the middle of a controversy late last year when both companies yielded to Russia’s demands […]

Save $200 on the Galaxy S10e at Best Buy before Samsung price cut

16 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

As some of you probably already know, Samsung announced a permanent price cut for its Galaxy S10 lineup, but the […]

Outlook’s New Spaces Feature Revealed, Lets You Organize Your Projects Better

Microsoft is working on a new feature for Outlook on the web. The company’s newest feature for Outlook, simply called […]

FTC to investigate Google's purchase of Waze years after the deal closed

16 Feb 20 | Mobile, News

In June 2013, Google acquired the Israeli company behind crowdsourced navigation app Waze for $1.1 billion. While Google already offered […]

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