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In Praise of the Apple iPad Air (Premium)

Some will be amused by this, and I suppose some will even be outraged. But there is just something special […]

DuckDuckGo’s Browser Extension Blocks FLoC Now

DuckDuckGo announced yesterday that it has updated its web browser extension to block Google’s new FLoC tracking method in Chrome. […]

Best iPad 2021: Wait for the Pro if you want the best

If you’re looking for a new iPad, you have no shortage of options. Apple makes as many iPads these days […]

Weekly Apple Update: New iPads finally on the way but supply shortages cause delays

10 Apr 21 | Apple, Mac

While we here at Macworld read and write about Apple all week long, we totally get that you might not. But since […]

Google: No, the Pixel 5a is Not Canceled

Multiple rumors erupted today that Google would be forced to cancel the Pixel 5a because of component shortages. But that’s […]

Ask Paul: April 9 (Premium)

09 Apr 21 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Ask Paul: April 9 (Premium) – Premium Happy Friday! Here’s another great set of reader questions to kick off […]

First Ring Daily 1028: Obvious iMessage

First Ring Daily 1028: Obvious iMessage – Posted on April 9, 2021 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, […]

Why new Apple products are arriving later than ever this year

09 Apr 21 | Apple, Mac

When 2020 came to a close, Apple was on a bit of a tear. Over the final three months of […]

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