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Recent quarrel between T-Mobile and Dish could signal more trouble ahead for 5G frenemies

27 May 20 | Mobile, News

That last part would not have been possible without outside help, and while the Federal Communications Commission created the regulatory […]

Latest Arm designs reveal 2021 phones will be amazingly fast

27 May 20 | Mobile, News

Some of you probably know that smartphone chips differ from computer chips in one very important way: architecture. Mobile chips […]

Motorola unveils the Moto G Pro in Europe, also prepping a US-bound Moto G Fast

27 May 20 | Mobile, News

Moto G8 As if Motorola’s mid-range smartphone lineup was not already expansive and confusing enough, the Lenovo-owned company has just […]

Spotify now allows you to save as many songs as you like in library

27 May 20 | Mobile, News

Spotify announced on its community blog that the 10,000-song cap on libraries is no more. The streaming service is rolling […]

The second-generation iPhone SE is really paying off for Apple

27 May 20 | Mobile, News

AppleInsider was able to take a look at a research note from securities firm Cowen. The note, written by analyst […]

Apple to reopen 100 brick and mortar stores in the states this week

26 May 20 | Mobile, News

There seems to be an urgency in the U.S. to get back to those carefree pre-COVID-19 days when the only […]

OnePlus says it will continue making cheaper phones

26 May 20 | Mobile, News

If you think OnePlus has betrayed its roots, that’s not quite true. Fast Company reports that the company’s founder and CEO […]

New Google Maps feature might benefit Google more than users

26 May 20 | Mobile, News

Google has been updating Google Maps constantly to the point where it does much more than just get you from […]

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