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AirPods Pro users complain that an update has ruined the best feature on the device

19 Jan 20 | Mobile, News

The latest firmware update sent to the AirPods Pro wireless Bluetooth earbuds might have done more harm than good. Some […]

Google tests useful feature for Chrome browser app

18 Jan 20 | Mobile, News

If you’re like many Chrome users, you have a habit of leaving tabs open on the app. For those who […]

Amazon Pushes Ahead With Payment Terminals That Use Your Hand As ID

18 Jan 20 | Amazon, Amazon Pay, Windows

Back in September of last year, Amazon was rumored to be working on a new payment system for its Whole […]

Microsoft Adds ARM64 Support to Its Mouse and Keyboard Center App

Microsoft quietly released a major new update to the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center app. And with the latest update, […]

The WinForms Notepad Project: Page Setup and Printing (Premium)

The WinForms Notepad Project: Page Setup and Printing (Premium) – Premium After months of work on .NETpad’s printing functionality, […]

Data released by Apple contradicts Trump and Barr

18 Jan 20 | Mobile, News

If you listened to President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr this past week, you might have thought that […]

"R" you ready? Pixel 4 running the next Android developer preview is spotted

18 Jan 20 | Mobile, News

The cycle is starting over again. According to a benchmark test spotted on Geekbench, Android R has surfaced running on […]

Full Specifications Leak for the Samsung Galaxy S20

18 Jan 20 | Uncategorized, Windows

Source: Ishan Agarwal With just weeks to go before Samsung launches its new Galaxy S20 lineup of flagship smartphones, the […]

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