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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (6th Generation) Review

With the 6th-generation ThinkPad X1 Yoga, Lenovo improves this iconic design with an all-aluminum body, a 16:10 display, and Thunderbolt […]

Hands-On with Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X|S landed last fall with no unique launch titles whatsoever, but Microsoft Flight Simulator solves that problem […]

First Ring Daily 1087: Painting the Timeline

On this episode of First Ring Daily, painting has happened, Google updates a timeline, and there is a bug in […]

Big-screen new iMac 'won't launch until 2022'

26 Jul 21 | Mac

This spring, a new 24in iMac model was launched, replacing the old 21.5in model. Sources predict that Apple is working […]

Apple attending NAB for the first time since 2011 and could bring a surprise

26 Jul 21 | Apple, Mac

As if Apple’s fall won’t be crowded enough, the company will apparently attend the video-focused NAB Show for the first […]

Windows 11 Feature Focus: Quick Settings and Notifications

26 Jul 21 | Windows, Windows 11

Windows 10 featured an Action Center interface that combined quick actions and notifications into a single place. But Windows 11 […]

The next iMac: 32-inch screen, faster chip may arrive in 2022

26 Jul 21 | iMac, Mac

The 24-inch iMac was released not too long ago, but we’re still waiting for its bigger, faster sibling to replace the current Intel-based […]

The next Mac Pro: Apple is testing a companion Pro display with an A13 chip

26 Jul 21 | Mac, Mac Pro

Apple’s Mac Pro was introduced in 2019, and updates usually come out in increments—new graphics options here, SSD module upgrades, […]

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