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First Ring Daily: Feature Debt

Elevate the Conversation! Join Thurrott Premium to enjoy our Premium comments. Premium member comments on news posts will feature an […]

Mixer’s New Mobile Apps Are Now Available

Mixer is bringing its brand new mobiles apps out of beta today. The team started working on a completely rebuilt […]

LG, Samsung Announce New Laptop Ahead of CES

14 Dec 17 | CES, Hardware, LG, Samsung, Windows

It’s almost time for the Consumer Electronics Show, which means a lot of new Windows 10 devices are going to […]

Hands-On with Grammarly Keyboard for Mobile

14 Dec 17 | Android, Grammarly, iOS, Mobile, Windows

Grammarly Keyboard is now available on both Android and iOS. Here’s a quick peek. As you may know, both Brad […]

Windows Weekly 548: Deck the Gong

Leo, Mary Jo and I discuss our respective top 5 Microsoft stories from 2017,  Windows 10 on Snapdragon, and much […]

No, Microsoft Didn’t Promise Sets for the Next Windows 10 Version (Premium)

14 Dec 17 | Premium, Sets, Windows, Windows 10

Microsoft’s communications missteps are legion, and the firm found itself in familiar hot water this week. To access this post, […]

Thinking About Microsoft and Its AI Future (Premium)

Microsoft this week announced new ways in which it is sprinkling AI capabilities across its many products and services. To […]

Microsoft Adding a Built-in OpenSSH Client to Windows 10

14 Dec 17 | OpenSSH, SSH, Windows, Windows 10, WSL

Windows 10 is soon getting a built-in OpenSSH client. Microsoft has quietly started testing a built-in OpenSSH client for Windows […]

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