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Amazon Working on Second ARM Chip for Its Cloud Business

Posted November 29, 2019 | Amazon | ARM | Cloud | Windows

Amazon has been one of the leading companies in the cloud business for a while. The company is now looking into new ways to further grow its business and is reportedly readying its second ARM chip for cloud servers, reports Reuters.

Amazon’s first ARM-based chip, Graviton, was released last year as a low-cost option for some customers. The new processor offers the same cost benefits while offering a 20% boost in performance.

The device features a “fabric” technology that will allow it to connect with other chips for more complex and computation-heavy tasks, and Amazon may also need to write software that’s capable of working on ARM’s processors. The new processor uses ARM’s Neoverse N1 processor, featuring 32 cores as compared to its first ARM processor’s 16 cores.

The new chip presents a new challenge for Intel and AMD, who have long been dominating the cloud server processor market. Amazon’s continued investment on building its own ARM-based chips shows the company is serious about challenging the offerings from Intel and AMD, though Amazon–like many other companies investing in ARM chips–has a long way to go to beat AMD, and especially, Intel.

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