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Apple Music’s Web Player Comes Out of Beta

Posted April 17, 2020 | Apple | Apple Music | Music + Videos | Windows

Apple has quietly launched its new web player for Apple Music this week. The company first introduced the new web player for Apple Music back in Septemeber of last year as part of a beta test.

At the time, the experience was quite buggy and unfinished. Apple has been improving the experience over the last few months, and the new app feels much more polished now that it’s out of beta.

MacRumors first spotted the availability of Apple Music’s new web player. Previously, users could access the app via, but now that the app is out of beta, users can access the web app via Apple now redirects the beta site to the new site as well.

Apple Music’s new web app was a much-needed addition for Apple Music users who don’t have a Mac device. The new web app removes the need to use the iTunes app on platforms like Windows, and it also offers a much better experience.

The app supports all the regular features of Apple Music, and you can browse the catalog, access the Radio, and the For You section as well. The app also supports a light theme.

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