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Apple Watch Reportedly Getting Built-In Sleep Tracking

Posted September 2, 2019 | Apple | Apple Watch | Apple Watch Series 5 | Sleep Tracking | Time in Bed tracking | wearables | Windows

Apple is expected to take the wraps off its Series 5 Apple Watch next week. And ahead of the official launch, a major new feature has been revealed by the folks at 9to5Mac.

According to the report, Apple has reportedly made a new feature for sleep tracking. The built-in feature, internally codenamed Burrito, will allow Apple Watch owners to track their sleep without needing any extra hardware. It’s being called “Time in Bed tracking”, so Apple might not exactly advertise it as a “sleep tracking” feature.

The feature will entirely use the Apple Watch’s existing sensors and use all those sensors to quantify things like a user’s quality of sleep. It will leverage data like a person’s movement in bed, their heart rate, and any other noises during their sleep. It will also be integrated with the alarm system, so if you wake up before your alarm goes off, the alarm will be automatically turned off. Similarly, you can choose to get a silent alarm on the Apple Watch that makes the vibrate without any ringtone, and the feature will also automatically enable Do Not Disturb when you go to bed.

Apple is working on a new Sleep app for the Apple Watch where all the Time in Bed data will be available.

Built-in sleep tracking on the Apple Watch will obviously be pretty great, but you will have to make sure to charge your Watch when you wake up or before you go to bed to make sure it runs throughout the day. It’s not clear, however, whether the new Time in Bed tracking feature will be an exclusive Apple Watch Series 5, or whether it will be made available on older Apple Watch devices via a software update. Considering Series 5 is supposed to be a minor upgrade to the Apple Watch line, I have a feeling Apple will make the sleep tracking feature exclusive to the Series 5 Apple Watch just to give users a reason to upgrade.

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