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EU Recommends Limiting Huawei, Not Banning It

29 Jan 20 | 5G, Cloud, Windows

The announcement comes in the wake of a decision by the UK to limit but not ban Huawei and others […]

Samsung Sold Over 6.7 Million 5G Smartphones in 2019

03 Jan 20 | 5G, Android, Cloud, Mobile, Samsung, Windows

Samsung announced today that it sold nearly 7 million 5G-capable Galaxy smartphones in 2019, an impressive figure. As you may […]

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 865 and 765

Mobile microprocessor giant Qualcomm today announced its Snapdragon 865, which lacks 5G, and 765, which has integrated 5G. “5G will […]

T-Mobile Launches Its 5G Network

02 Dec 19 | 5G, Mobile, T-Mobile, Windows

T-Mobile is launching its 5G network in the United States this week. The company’s new “nationwide” 5G network is going […]

Qualcomm Forecasts Strong 5G Growth

19 Nov 19 | 5G, Cloud, Qualcomm, Windows

Image source: Aaron Pressman (Twitter) Qualcomm today said that it expects 5G handset sales to grow from 450 million units […]

T-Mobile Will Exclusively Sell the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren

T-Mobile today announced its second device to support 5G. The company is partnering with OnePlus to exclusively sell the OnePlus […]

Apple Reportedly Planning to Acquire Intel’s Modem Business for More Than a Billion Dollar

23 Jul 19 | 5G, Apple, Intel, iOS, Windows

Apple could be purchasing Intel’s modem business as early as next week. A new report from the Wall Street Journal […]

Apple Reportedly Wants to Buy Intel’s Smartphone Modem Business

12 Jun 19 | 5G, Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, Windows

After settling its controversial patent lawsuit with Qualcomm, Apple is reportedly looking to purchase Intel’s smartphone modem business. The company […]