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Microsoft Expands Seeing AI to 5 New Languages

Microsoft announced that its Seeing AI mobile app for those with blindness and low vision now supports five new languages. […]

John Carmack Steps Down at Oculus, Will Tackle AI

Image credit: Drew “Prognar” Campbell Developer icon John Carmack announced that he is stepping down as Oculus CTO so that […]

Google’s Tool for Building Machine Learning Models Gets More Powerful

Google launched a fun little app called Teachable Machine back in 2017 that allowed users to play around with the […]

Former Siri Boss Joins Microsoft

19 Aug 19 | AI, Apple, Cloud, Microsoft, Mobile, Siri, Windows

Bill Stasior, who led Apple’s Siri efforts for several years, has joined Microsoft to lead an AI group under CTO […]

Grammarly Picks Up More AI Smarts

Grammarly has updated its popular online grammar checker to better showcase its AI-powered writing suggestions for correctness, clarity, engagement, and […]

Microsoft Wants to Train 15,000 Workers on AI

17 May 19 | AI, Microsoft, Microsoft AI, Windows

Microsoft is announcing a new partnership with General Assembly to help more people learn artificial intelligence. The company’s new partnership […]

Microsoft Will Not Provide Facial Recognition Software to California

17 Apr 19 | AI, Microsoft, Windows

Citing human rights concerns, Microsoft announced that it will not provide facial recognition software to the state of California. The […]

Microsoft, Google Have Both Updated Their Mobile Apps for the Blind

Microsoft and Google have both issued updates to their mobile apps that help those who are blind or have low […]