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Amazon Music Now Has 55 Million Active Users

Amazon has over 55 million active users across its six different Music service tiers, “nearly all” of whom are paying […]

Amazon Pushes Ahead With Payment Terminals That Use Your Hand As ID

18 Jan 20 | Amazon, Amazon Pay, Windows

Back in September of last year, Amazon was rumored to be working on a new payment system for its Whole […]

Little Tech Takes on Big Tech in Boulder

Emboldened by the “techlash,” some smaller tech firms went public with the abuses they’ve suffered at the hands of Big […]

Sonos Suing Google for Stealing Wireless Speaker Tech

07 Jan 20 | Amazon, Google, Hardware, Sonos, Windows

Sonos is suing Google for stealing the wireless speaker technology the company pioneered with its high-end speakers. The company today […]

Amazon, Apple, and Google Partner to Standardize the Smart Home

In a long-overdue move, Amazon, Apple, Google, and others are partnering on a standard for the smart home industry. It’s […]

Apple Podcasts Land on Amazon Echo

Apple and Amazon are teaming up to bring Apple Podcats to Echo devices. The companies today announced the release of […]

Amazon Might Start Making Ring Smart Lights

Amazon is soon going to get into smart light bulbs with a new Ring-branded smart light bulb. The company has […]

Amazon Launches First Battery-powered Portable Echo Speaker

Amazon is launching a brand-new Echo speaker today. Amazon already as a wide range of Echo devices under its own […]