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Android Studio Will Be 64-Bit Only Going Forward

Google announced today that the future versions of Android Studio and its Android emulators will only support 64-bit OSes. This […]

You Can Create Flutter Apps on Chrome OS

Thanks to its Linux compatibility, you can now write software on Chrome OS. Including, apparently, using Flutter and Android Studio. […]

Google Pushes Chrome OS to Developers

Chrome OS and the Chromebooks on which it runs have matured greatly in recent years as usage has soared. And […]

Google Delivers Android Studio 3.4

Google has announced the availability of Android Studio 3.4, the latest version of its Android app development environment. As with […]

Android Studio 3.3 Focuses on Quality

Google announced the release of Android Studio 3.3 today. But there are no major new features: Instead, this release focuses […]

Google Releases Android Studio 3.0

Google today released the next major version of its Android Studio development environment. Android Studio 3.0 supports Android 8 Oreo […]

Android Studio Previews Provide Early Peek at New Features

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft, Google is now offering early access to new developer features in Android Studio to […]

Thinking About Android Studio on Chrome OS

Google is rumored to be bringing its Android Studio developer environment to Chrome OS. If true, it means that developers […]