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Microsoft’s Browser Ballot: A Look Back (Premium)

If Google’s Android web browser concession seems familiar, that’s because Microsoft did the same thing a decade ago. The post […]

Google to Introduce a Browser Ballot on Android in the EU

Now there is literally nothing that Microsoft has done that Google won’t copy: The online giant revealed today that it […]

Hands-On with Android Q Beta 1

17 Mar 19 | Android, Android Q, Mobile, Windows

When Google announced the first beta release of Android Q this past week, I resolved to ignore it. That lasted […]

Apple is Guilty of Infringing on Three Qualcomm Patents

Qualcomm has won an important legal victory as part of its multi-tiered legal battle against Apple: The Cupertino consumer electronics […]

Huawei Has Made Its Own Smartphone and PC OSes … Just in Case

Huawei admitted this week that it has developed its own smartphone and PC operating systems as an emergency measure. The […]

Microsoft’s Bringing Xbox Live to Android and iOS

14 Mar 19 | Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox

For more than a decade, when you think about Xbox Live, you are likely thinking of a black box that […]

Android Q Has a Built-In Desktop Mode

Google released the first beta of Android Q yesterday, and as expected, there are a bunch of major features. And […]

Google Releases Android Q Beta 1

13 Mar 19 | Android, Android Q, Windows

Google today issued the first beta of Android Q, which adds enhancements for foldable phones, new privacy and security features, […]