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Report Confirms 2020 iPhone Delays, Production Cuts

27 Apr 20 | Apple, Apple iPhone, iOS, Windows

iPhone 12 concept. Source: YouTube A report in The Wall Street Journal confirms rumors about 2020 iPhone delays, noting that […]

People Have Discovered Yet Another New String That Can Crash iPhones

24 Apr 20 | Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobile, Windows

Every so often, a new iOS bug appears that is capable of completely crashing iPhones. In 2018, for example, a […]

Apple Music Comes to Samsung Smart TVs

Looks like Apple is slowly opening up its music streaming service to more platforms. The company launched a new web […]

First Mac With Apple-Made 5nm 12-Core Processor Slated for 2021

We have been expecting Apple to release Mac devices with its own processors for a while now. Most recently, Apple […]

Report: Apple’s 2020 iPhone Launch Could Be Delayed

22 Apr 20 | 5G iPhone, Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobile, Windows

We are still months away from the expected launch of Apple’s next-gen iPhones. And although it’s still pretty early for […]

Apple Expands iCloud, Apple Music, More to New Countries

Today is a really big day for Apple services. The company is bringing its most popular services to a handful […]

Apple Music’s Web Player Comes Out of Beta

Apple has quietly launched its new web player for Apple Music this week. The company first introduced the new web […]

Apple Is Changing How MacBooks Charge to Improve Battery Lifespan

16 Apr 20 | Apple, Hardware, MacBook, Windows

Apple is changing the way most modern MacBook devices charge. The company started rolling out a new feature in macOS […]