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Bill Gates Looks Back on “The Road Ahead”

24 Nov 20 | Bill Gates, Microsoft, Windows

25 years ago today, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates published his first book, The Road Ahead. Today, he takes a look […]

Gates (Premium)

Gates (Premium) – Premium Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has weighed in on the antitrust scrutiny facing Big Tech. His […]

Bill Gates Is Stepping Down From the Microsoft Board

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is stepping down from the Microsoft board. Microsoft announced the change to its board of directors […]

Gates Gets It Right About Steve Jobs, Microsoft (Premium)

Gates Gets It Right About Steve Jobs, Microsoft (Premium) – Premium In an interview with CNN this past weekend, […]

No, Bill. No (Premium)

It’s hard watching Microsoft’s former CEOs prostrate themselves and apologize for their previous misdeeds. Especially when they get it wrong. […]

Bill Gates: Microsoft Isn’t ‘The’ Leading Company Because of Windows Phone

In a recent interview, Microsoft founder Bill Gates discussed Microsoft’s business and one of its biggest mistakes: Windows Phone. Gates […]