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Google’s Hardware Failure is Inevitable (Premium)

Google is scaling back its hardware ambitions and will downsize the group that makes its laptops and tablets. This was […]

Is Microsoft Edge on Chromium a No Brainer? (Premium)

Microsoft’s decision to halt development of its proprietary web browser rendering technologies is controversial on many levels. But from a […]

Chrome OS Is Getting Virtual Desktops

Google is working on adding a much-needed productivity feature to Chrome OS. 9to5Google reports that the company is working on […]

Google Announces Some Education Milestones of its Own

Microsoft isn’t the only one pushing its education efforts this week at BET: Google has announced some interesting data of […]

Chrome OS 71 is Now Available

15 Dec 18 | Chrome OS, Chromebook, Windows

Google this week made the latest version of Chrome OS available to Chromebooks, adding a number of useful new features. […]

Google Assistant is Getting AI-Powered Audio News

Google announced today that it is using AI to enhance the audio news capabilities of Google Assistant and Google Home. […]

It’s Not Just Microsoft (Premium)

Depressed about the quality problems in Windows 10? Well, take heart. Competing platforms are just as terrible. The post It’s […]

Android: Going, Going, Gone (Premium)

Just as Microsoft did with Windows, Google is now quietly deemphasizing the term Android in favor of its corporate brand. […]