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A Tale of Two Chromebooks

And not just any Chromebooks, but premium, business-class Chromebooks that speak volumes about how far this platform has come in […]

PC Sales Growth is Slowing Down

As expected, PC sales growth is slowing dramatically as the global pandemic winds down, with PC makers selling 77.6 million […]

Opera Optimizes Its Android Browser for Chromebooks

Opera is offering up an odd proposition: Sure, use a Chromebook. But use Opera instead of Chrome. The Android version […]

HP Posts Record Revenues

HP reported net earnings of $1.2 billion on revenues of $15.9 billion in the most recent quarter, the latter of […]

Report: Chromebook Success Continues into 2021

06 May 21 | Chrome OS, Chromebook, Windows

A new report from the market researchers at Canalys claims that Chromebook sales surged 275 percent in the first quarter […]

Chrome OS 90 is Now Available on Chromebooks

Google has announced the release of Chrome OS 90, which brings several useful new features to Chromebook users. “Chromebooks are […]

Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook Enterprise First Impressions

Chromebook sales surged in 2020 and the platform overtook the Mac to become the second biggest desktop platform by unit […]

You Can Preorder the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Now

Samsung announced today that customers can now preorder its Galaxy Chromebook 2, with prices starting at $550. The device will […]