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Microsoft’s Upcoming Edgium Browser Revealed in More Detail

Microsoft is expected to release its new Chromium-based Edge browser soon. The company has been talking about the new browser, […]

Microsoft Plans to Bring Smooth Scrolling to Chromium

Microsoft is proposing to bring the smooth scrolling functionality from its Edge web browser to Chromium. “Scrollbar scrolling using the […]

Microsoft Poised to Release First Edge Insider Preview

Screenshot courtesy of Neowin Documentation for the Microsoft Edge Insider Preview has appeared online, suggesting that the first preview release […]

Microsoft’s New Chromium-based Edge Browser Revealed in Leaked Screenshots

Microsoft’s much-awaited Chromium browser has been revealed in all its glory in leaked screenshots. The folks at Neowin got their […]

Microsoft’s Chromium-Based Edge Browser Could Be Coming to Insiders Soon

Microsoft’s big announcement at the end of last year surprised (almost) everyone: the company is adopting Google’s Chromium for the […]

It’s the Web Browser, Stupid (Premium)

In evaluating Windows 10 on ARM again thanks to the Snapdragon 850-based Lenovo Yoga C630, its Achilles Heel is clear. […]

Microsoft Targets Better Accessibility in Chromium

The current version of the Microsoft Edge accessible presentation layer Perhaps not surprisingly, the first feature Microsoft has committed to […]

Game Over for Firefox? (Premium)

Microsoft’s belated adoption of Chromium is great news for everybody. Well. Almost everybody. The post Game Over for Firefox? (Premium) appeared […]