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DuckDuckGo Integrates Apple Maps Into Search Results

Search engine DuckDuckGo announced today that it has licensed Apple Maps for its map- and address-related search results on both […]

Google Fi is Adding Support for RCS and Faster International Data Access

Google announced today that its Google Fi wireless service is adding support for Rich Communications Services (RCS) and faster international […]

Chrome’s Ad Blocker Goes Worldwide in July

10 Jan 19 | Cloud, Google Chrome, Windows

Google announced this week that its ineffective ad blocker for Chrome will be distributed worldwide starting in July. “We follow […]

Apple’s Embrace of Smart TVs is Smart, Necessary, and Late (Premium)

Earlier this week, we learned that Apple’s iTunes and AirPlay services are coming to Samsung smart TVs. But it’s not […]

Microsoft Edge Retains Its Battery Life Advantage in Windows 10 Version 1809

Though Microsoft has in no way promoted this advantage as it did with previous versions of Windows 10, it turns […]

No Virginia, Google Didn’t Undermine Microsoft Edge (Premium)

Like any special interest group, the Microsoft community is far too easily swayed by bias-confirming conspiracy theories. The post No […]

It’s the Web Browser, Stupid (Premium)

In evaluating Windows 10 on ARM again thanks to the Snapdragon 850-based Lenovo Yoga C630, its Achilles Heel is clear. […]

Google Creepiness: Science or Coincidence? (Premium)

16 Dec 18 | Cloud, Google, Mobile, Premium, Windows

There is a wide range of responses to Google’s privacy violations, from those who simply don’t care to those who […]