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GitHub Now Lets You Financially Support Contributors, Introduces New Enterprise Features

GitHub is announcing a bunch of new features on its platform. The company is introducing a new way of letting […]

Microsoft Releases Xamarin.Forms 4.0

The latest version of Microsoft’s Xamarin.Forms cross-platform UI toolkit for developers provides a simpler way to build mobile apps. In […]

Google Clarifies What’s Happening to “Works with Nest”

17 May 19 | Cloud, Dev, Google, smart home, Windows

Google’s surprise announcement that it would replace its Home brand with Nest was well-received. Then all hell broke loose. The […]

You Can Create Flutter Apps on Chrome OS

Thanks to its Linux compatibility, you can now write software on Chrome OS. Including, apparently, using Flutter and Android Studio. […]

Windows 10 + PWAs: A Progress Report

In October 2017, I spoke with Microsoft’s Jeff Burtoft and Aaron Gustafson about the company’s plans to bring Progressive Web […]

Microsoft Confirms UWP is Not the Future of Windows Apps

08 May 19 | Dev, Windows, Windows 10

As I predicted, Microsoft is effectively killing UWP by ensuring that all its capabilities are available to once-legacy app development […]

Google Pushes Chrome OS to Developers

Chrome OS and the Chromebooks on which it runs have matured greatly in recent years as usage has soared. And […]

Google Brings Flutter to the Web in Technical Preview

Google had previously announced plans to bring Flutter, its cross-platform mobile development framework, to the web. This week at I/O, […]