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Twitter PWA Picks Up Windows 10 Start Menu Integration

The Windows 10 version of the Twitter app now lets you pin users to the Start menu. This is a […]

Ask Paul: April 20 (Premium)

Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s another round of Q&A to jump-start the weekend. To access this post, you must purchase Premium […]

Learn to Code … with a Mobile App?

19 Apr 18 | Android, Dev, iOS, JavaScript, Mobile, Windows

A new app for Android and iOS promises to teach you basic JavaScript programming skills. Does it work? I’m not […]

Google Revs Its DIY AI Projects

Google today announced two fun new “AIY”—read as “DIY AI”—project kits for the Raspberry Pi Zero WH. The projects help […]

Thinking About Build and the Future

Note: While trying to address a comment spam-related issue, we inadvertently deleted our live content database earlier today. So after […]

Thinking About Build and the Future (Premium)

Will Windows play a role at this year’s Microsoft Build conference? Or is it being pushed aside for cloud, web, […]

Ask Paul: April 13 (Premium)

Another week, another set of excellent questions from readers. To access this post, you must purchase Premium Membership, Thurrott Premium […]

Going to Build 2018? You Need This

11 Apr 18 | Build 2018, Dev, Windows

AdDuplex’s Mendelevic has created an online tool called Extendee that will help attendees make the most of Build 2018. Basically, […]