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Facebook Launches Free Cloud Gaming Service

Facebook has launched a free cloud gaming service for some reason, and it’s available basically everywhere but Apple’s devices. The […]

EU Moves to Curb Market Power of Big Tech

A new report says that European Union regulators have drawn up a “hit list” of the 20 biggest tech companies […]

A Quick Summary of the House Judiciary Committee Report (Premium)

The House Judiciary Committee has called on Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google to be regulated and, in some cases, even […]

U.S.: Big Tech are Abusive Monopolies That Should be Regulated or Broken Up

A damning House Judiciary Committee report says that Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Apple are monopolies and might need to be […]

Facebook Airs Its Apple Grievances

28 Aug 20 | Apple, Facebook, iOS, Social, Windows

Facebook says that Apple rejected an app update that informed its own customers about Apple’s App Store fees. And the […]

Big Tech CEOs Appear Before Congressional Antitrust Committee

Yesterday, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Google’s Sundar Pichai all testified, virtually, before a House […]

Microsoft Suspends Advertising on Facebook

Two separate reports state that Microsoft has stopped advertising on Facebook’s services because it publishes inappropriate content. The move is […]

Facebook Acquires Giphy

15 May 20 | Facebook, Giphy, Social, Windows

Facebook is acquiring Giphy, the popular GIF sharing platform. Giphy, founded in 2013, has become a leading platform for sharing […]