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Facebook’s Chief Product Officer and Head of WhatsApp Just Left the Company

14 Mar 19 | Facebook, Social, WhatsApp, Windows

Last week, Facebook announced some major changes for its platform. The company announced it’s planning to shift its focus towards […]

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Break Up Amazon, Facebook, and Google

U.S. presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Amazon, Facebook, and Google and “unwind” all their recent acquisitions. “Facebook, […]

Facebook Is Cracking Down on Anti-Vax Hoaxes

Facebook today announced that the company is taking a range of different steps to crack down on vaccine-related misinformation on […]

Facebook Announces Major Privacy-Focused Transformation

Facebook is announcing some huge plans for its services today. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg today published a blog post on […]

Facebook Isn’t Keeping Your 2FA Phone Number Private

04 Mar 19 | 2FA, Facebook, Privacy, Social, Windows

Facebook’s privacy problems never end. The latest edition of Facebook and it’s poor handling of users data involves phone numbers […]

Instagram Plans to Let Users Login to Multiple Accounts With a Single ID

One of the less talked about Instagram features is how easy it is to create and manage multiple accounts on […]

Apple Bans Google From Distributing Internal iOS Apps (Updated)

01 Feb 19 | Apple, Facebook, Google, Social, Windows

Update: Apple has told BuzzFeed that the company is working closely with Google to provide the company with new Enterprise […]

Apple Bans Distribution of Facebook’s Internal Apps (Updated)

Update: Apple has apparently restored Facebook’s access to the Enterprise Developer Program, allowing the company to distribute internal apps again. […]