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Google Releases Flutter 2.5, Dart 2.14

08 Sep 21 | Dart, Dev, Flutter, Windows

Today, Google announced the release of Flutter 2.5, the latest version of its open-source app development toolkit, plus Dart 2.14, […]

Google Announces Flutter 2.2

At Google I/O 2021 today, Google announced the release of Flutter 2.2, the latest release of its open source app […]

Microsoft is Adding Support for Foldables to Flutter

Last year, Flutter lead Tim Sneath publicly reached out to Microsoft in an effort to get its support for Google’s […]

Google Unleashes Flutter 2 And a New Era of Apps

In its initial releases, Flutter allowed developers to create apps that run on both Android and iOS. But now Google […]

Google Releases Flutter 1.20

Google today announced the release of Flutter 1.20, the next major release of its cross-platform app development framework. “Our ongoing […]

Google Talks Progress on Flutter for Web

Google today provided an update on its progress bringing Flutter app development to the web, inarguably its biggest potential target […]

Google Partners with Canonical to Bring Flutter to Linux

08 Jul 20 | Dev, Flutter, Google, Linux, Windows

Google announced today that it is partnering with Ubuntu maker Canonical to bring Linux desktop app support to its Flutter […]

Google Releases New Versions of Flutter, Dart

06 May 20 | Dart, Dev, Flutter, Windows

Google today announced Flutter 1.17, the latest version of its cross-platform developer framework, and Dart 2.8, the language used by […]