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Google Home Now Supports Multiple Queries and Actions

With little fanfare, Google has bumped the number of simultaneous queries and actions its Home smart speakers can handle at […]

Google Will Finally Release Its Own Podcasts App

A Google-centric blog has discovered evidence that the search giant will finally release its own podcasts app for Android. As […]

Watch Out Alexa, Google is Coming Home

I’ve long said that I expect Google Assistant usage to surpass that of Amazon Alexa. This is how it happens. […]

Google Assistant is Now Compatible with Over 5,000 Devices (Updated)

Fighting back from the perception that Amazon Alexa has already won this market, Google announced today that its Google Assistant […]

Google is Bringing Podcast Support to its Entire Ecosystem

To date, Google’s podcast strategy has amounted to adding podcast support to Google Play Music. But the online giant is […]

You Can Now Send Money Using Google Assistant

Google is bringing the ability to send money using Assistant on Android and iOS. Google Assistant users in the United […]

Siri Was Always Going to Fail (Premium)

A credible report explaining how Apple failed to capitalize on being first-to-market with Siri has triggered some fan fiction. To […]

The Promise of Google Assistant Routines Remains Unmet (Premium)

Routines represent the second-generation of the digital assistant era, where we move past simple command/response interactions. To access this post, […]