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Google to Introduce a Browser Ballot on Android in the EU

Now there is literally nothing that Microsoft has done that Google won’t copy: The online giant revealed today that it […]

Google Quietly Adds DuckDuckGo to Chrome 73

13 Mar 19 | Cloud, Google Chrome, Windows

The latest version of Google’s Chrome web browser now lets you select DuckDuckGo as the default search engine. Previously, doing […]

Google Brings Dark Mode, PWA Support to Chrome on Mac

Google is today releasing Chrome 73 on Windows and Mac. The latest update to Chrome brings a number of improvements […]

Tip: Personalize Chrome with Google’s Colorful New Themes

12 Feb 19 | Cloud, Google Chrome, Windows

Why Google didn’t offer these years ago is unclear, but the firm released 12 colorful new themes for its Chrome […]

Chrome Is Getting Support for Media Keys

Google is adding a much-needed feature to its Chrome browser soon. The browser is soon going to work with your […]

Google Releases Password Checkup for Chrome

Google has released a new Chrome extension that will help you protect your accounts from third-party data breaches. “We help […]

Chrome’s Ad Blocker Goes Worldwide in July

10 Jan 19 | Cloud, Google Chrome, Windows

Google announced this week that its ineffective ad blocker for Chrome will be distributed worldwide starting in July. “We follow […]

Microsoft Edge Retains Its Battery Life Advantage in Windows 10 Version 1809

Though Microsoft has in no way promoted this advantage as it did with previous versions of Windows 10, it turns […]