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Google Search Is Getting Better at Displaying the Important Bits on Videos

Although Google is really good at helping you find the exact information you are looking for when it comes to […]

Google Brings Podcasts to Search Results

Google is soon going to give podcasts more prominence in search results. So far, when you searched for podcasts about […]

Google Outlines Its Search Ballot Box for Android

Starting next year, Google will provide Android users with a choice of five search providers to comply with an EU […]

Google to Introduce Updated News Interface for Search

Google is making another big change to the Search interface on desktop this year. The company introduced Material Design icons […]

Google Refreshes Search Results UI

Google has refreshed the look and feel of its Search results page to include Material Design icons next to the […]

Google to Start Showing More Diverse Search Results

06 Jun 19 | Google, Google Search, Windows

Google is launching an interesting change to the search engine. The company today announced that the company is launching a […]

Google Now Relies on Mobile-first Indexing for New Websites

28 May 19 | Google, Google Search, Windows

Google is making a nice change to Google Search this July. The company today announced that it will now be […]

Google Now Lets You Order Food From Search, Assistant, and Maps

Google is integrating food ordering into some of its leading online services. The company is now letting users order food […]