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Google Releases the First Stadia Game With Stadia Connect

As promised, Google is releasing the last new games for Stadia for 2019 this week. Stadia already has more than […]

Google Stadia Launches New Game Store on the Web

Google Stadia started off with a pretty rough launch, but Google is quickly fixing some of its early problems. The […]

Google Stadia Starts Getting Assistant Integration

When Google first launched Stadia, the company promised a lot of things. A lot of those promises were nowhere to […]

Google’s Stadia Controller to Get Wireless Support for Phones, Desktops in 2020

Google Stadia has had a pretty poor launch. With the company delaying several headline features, and complaints about the game-streaming […]

Google Stadia Releases Buddy Pass After Failing to Deliver During Initial Launch

Days before the launch of Stadia, it’s new cloud game-streaming service, Google disappointed a lot of fans. The company announced […]

Google Stadia Review: A Future of Uncertainty

Google is trying to break into a market that is made up of gamers who are fiercely loyal to their […]

Google Responds to Stadia 4K Complaints

25 Nov 19 | Google Stadia, Windows

Google has finally responded to complaints that Stadia isn’t hitting its promised 4K/60 fps quality levels. “Stadia streams at 4K […]

Google Launches Stadia

19 Nov 19 | Google Stadia, Windows

Google launched Stadia, its troubled game streaming service, today with a small library of games, missing features, and many complaints. […]