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Google Will Require Employees to be Vaccinated

28 Jul 21 | Google, Windows

Image credit: Wikipedia Google announced today that employees returning to work at its campuses starting in late October will need […]

Alphabet Reports Revenues of $61.9 Billion in Q2 2021

27 Jul 21 | Google, Windows

Google had a monster quarter of its own with its parent company reporting a net income of $18.5 billion on […]

Google Announces New Timeline for Privacy Sandbox

This evening, Google announced a new and more detailed timeline for implementing its Privacy Sandbox, which includes FLoC and Fledge. […]

Google Maps can now tell you when your train is too crowded for comfort

22 Jul 21 | Google, Mac

Even if you’re vaccinated and commuting to work, the past year has made us all a little more wary of […]

How to quickly delete the last 15 minutes of search history on your iPhone

19 Jul 21 | Google, Mac

We won’t ask why you would want to quickly delete the last 15 minutes of browsing history on your iPhone, […]

Google Delays IAP Requirement After Antitrust Suit

17 Jul 21 | Android, Antitrust, Dev, Google, Windows

What a difference an antitrust lawsuit makes. Google on Friday said it would delay the implementation of Play Store requirements […]

France Fines Google $593 Million

13 Jul 21 | Cloud, Google, Windows

France fined $500 million euros—about $593 million—for ignoring a 2020 ruling that requires the search giant to reach a fair […]

Google is Moving Users to New Drive Sync Client

12 Jul 21 | Cloud, Google, Google Drive, Windows

Google’s consumer and commercial customers will soon transition to a new Google Drive sync client for Windows and Mac. “Each […]