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Apple Delays FaceTime Group Chat

13 Aug 18 | FaceTime, iOS, Windows

Apple today revealed that it will no longer provide FaceTime group chat functionality in the initial shipping version of iOS […]

Tip: Turn Off Conversation View in Gmail Mobile

13 Aug 18 | Android, Cloud, Gmail, Google, iOS, Mobile, Windows

Google has long allowed its Gmail users to disable Conversation View in the web version of its app. But now […]

Google Finalizes Dart 2.0

Google on Tuesday announced the release of Dart 2.0, the latest version of the programming language used with the Flutter […]

Edging Closer to Using Microsoft’s Web Browser (Premium)

I had intended to test some alternative web browsers during my home swap. And then something unexpected happened. The post […]

Apple Delivers a Blockbuster Quarter, But…

Tuesday night, Apple reported yet another record quarter with double-digit growth. And yet Huawei also surpassed it as the second-biggest […]

A Dual-SIM iPhone Could Be Coming Soon

Apple has been previously rumoured to be launching a dual-SIM option for its next iPhone. The company is expected to […]

Visual Search Comes to Microsoft Edge for iOS

This week, Microsoft updated its Edge mobile browser on iOS to support intelligent visual search, paste and go/search in the […]

Tip: Enable the Material Design 2 Makeover in Chrome for iOS

28 Jul 18 | Google Chrome, iOS, Windows

With the release of Chrome 68 this week, Google is starting to stealth-deploy a coming user experience refresh that implements […]