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iOS 14 is Here. Where are the Microsoft Widgets? (Premium)

iOS 14 is Here. Where are the Microsoft Widgets? (Premium) – Premium Apple released iOS 14, but Microsoft—one of […]

Apple Launches Apple One

As expected, Apple today announced the bundling of its existing services into Apple One, which will be available in three […]

App Store Revisions Are a Middle Finger to Microsoft

Apple issued a set of new and revised App Store guidelines today, but all they did for Microsoft was enforce […]

Tip: Choose a New Default Browser in iOS 14

11 Sep 20 | iOS, iPadOS, Windows

Apple hasn’t yet publicly released iOS 14, but when it does, you’ll finally be able to choose another browser as […]

Mint Mobile Launches Its First Unlimited Plan

As you may know, I switched to Mint Mobile this past year for its incredibly low prices and excellent introductory […]

Google is Bringing Native Microsoft Office Editing to Mobile

Google said this week that it is bringing native Microsoft Office editing capabilities to the mobile versions of its productivity […]

Now Japan is Going After Apple’s App Store Too

04 Sep 20 | Apple, iOS, Windows

Today, the Fair Trade Commission in Japan said that it was investigating Apple for antitrust abuse related to its iPhone […]

Apple Adjusts Its App Review Process Ever-So-Slightly

31 Aug 20 | App Store, Apple, iOS, Mobile, Windows

Following through on a promise buried in a press release during WWDC 2020, Apple today made minor adjustments to its […]