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Apple Exec Disparages Schools That Can Only Afford Chromebooks

Apple’s main competition in the education market is, of course, Google’s Chromebooks. In a recent interview with CNET, Apple’s SVP […]

Photoshop Launches on iPad, Illustrator is Next

One year after Adobe announced Photoshop for iPad, the app is finally available. Now, Adobe is also bringing Illustrator to […]

Microsoft, Please Bring Outlook Mobile to Windows 10 (Premium)

Microsoft, Please Bring Outlook Mobile to Windows 10 (Premium) – Premium Some eagle-eyed readers have noticed that I’ve moved […]

Microsoft Announces Major Updates for Outlook on Apple’s platforms

Just ahead of its Ignite conference, Apple has announced major updates to its Outlook mobile app on Apple’s mobile devices. […]

Adobe Photoshop for iPad is Almost Ready

Adobe announced that it would bring the full version of its flagship Photoshop application to the iPad in late 2018, […]

Apple’s iOS 13 Already Powering 50% of All iPhones

17 Oct 19 | Apple, iOS, iOS 12, iOS 13, iPadOS, Mobile, Windows

Apple released iOS 13 on September 19, followed shortly by iPadOS on September 30. And although it’s only been around […]

Astropad is Coming to Windows

After being Sherlocked by Apple in macOS Catalina, Astropad is bringing its iPad as a second screen solution to Windows. […]

Hands-On: iOS 13 + Xbox Wireless Controller

10 Oct 19 | Games, iOS, iPadOS, Mobile, Windows

I figured it was time to use my Xbox Wireless Controller with Apple Arcade and other games on iOS 13/iPadOS […]