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Microsoft Finally Adds Trackpad Support to Office on iPad

Apple brought trackpad and mouse support to iPad way back in March, but Microsoft is only now bringing support for […]

Judge Issues Split Ruling in Epic v. Apple

Tim Sweeney, CEO and founder of Epic Games. Source: Travis Dove for The New York Times As expected, Judge Yvonne […]

Microsoft Has a Plan for Cloud Streaming on Apple Devices

Apple infamously decided to block Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming on iPhones and iPads. But Microsoft has a plan to […]

Microsoft Offers Up 10 Principles for App Stores

Microsoft today revealed a set of 10 principles for app stores that it says will promote choice, fairness and innovation […]

Surprise: Microsoft News is a Success

Microsoft says that its News service has 550 million monthly users and has generated $1 billion in “sustainable” revenue for […]

A Quick Summary of the House Judiciary Committee Report (Premium)

The House Judiciary Committee has called on Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google to be regulated and, in some cases, even […]

iOS 14 is Here. Where are the Microsoft Widgets? (Premium)

iOS 14 is Here. Where are the Microsoft Widgets? (Premium) – Premium Apple released iOS 14, but Microsoft—one of […]

Adobe Illustrator Ships on iPad Next Month

Adobe announced today that Illustrator will ship on iPad next month, the second major CC application to make the leap […]