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Mozilla’s Google Experiences are a Warning for Microsoft (Premium)

An ex-Mozillan has penned a lengthy series of tweets in which he describes Google’s efforts to undercut the Firefox web […]

Firefox for Windows 10 ARM is Ready for Testing

Make no mistake, the days of everyone using an ARM-powered laptop or desktop is still several years, or longer, away. […]

Mozilla Releases Firefox for iPad

Mozilla has announced a new version of its flagship Firefox web browser that is designed specifically for Apple’s iPad. “We […]

Firefox 66 Blocks Autoplaying Content by Default

19 Mar 19 | Cloud, Mozilla Firefox, Windows

Firefox 66 arrives soon, and Mozilla is offering a tantalizing reason to upgrade: It blocks all autoplaying audio and video […]

Microsoft Edge Retains Its Battery Life Advantage in Windows 10 Version 1809

Though Microsoft has in no way promoted this advantage as it did with previous versions of Windows 10, it turns […]