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Amazon Music Now Has 55 Million Active Users

Amazon has over 55 million active users across its six different Music service tiers, “nearly all” of whom are paying […]

YouTube TV Launches on PlayStation 4

Google’s YouTube TV platform is finally coming to the PlayStation 4. The companies today announced that PlayStation 4 owners can […]

Disney+ Launching Earlier Than Expected in Europe

Walt Disney Company’s video streaming service Disney+ has been available in the United States for a little while now, but […]

Rethinking Whole-House Audio: IKEA Symfonisk Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers

As you may recall, IKEA and Sonos announced a small lineup of Symfonisk-branded smart speakers in April 2019 and then […]

Rethinking Whole-House Audio: Bluetooth Adapter

In Rethinking Whole-House Audio (Premium), I wrote about the issues I’ve been having with Chromecast Audio and my desire to […]

Rethinking Whole-House Audio (Premium)

I try to steer clear of knee-jerk reactions, but the allegations in Sonos v. Google are troubling. Worse, I’ve been […]

Report: Music Streaming Grew 30 Percent in the U.S. Last Year

According to Neilsen, music streaming services grew 30 percent in the U.S. last year and hit one trillion streams for […]

Amazon Fire TV Has Over 40 million Active Users

Amazon has announced a major new milestone for Fire TV as it expands the technology to in-car entertainment and more. […]