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Once again we implore you to delete this malicious Android app

07 Jun 20 | Mobile, News

Over the last few years, we have written about malicious Android apps that were created to make money for the […]

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max has something in common with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and it's not good

06 Jun 20 | Mobile, News

Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max users notice a green tint to their screen+ On Reddit, an […]

Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S20 5G makes two unexpected compromises

06 Jun 20 | Mobile, News

Commercially released stateside three months ago to the day, the ultra-high-end Galaxy S20 family had a missing link until earlier […]

Google Currents replacing Google Plus next month 

06 Jun 20 | Mobile, News

Google’s social network Google Plus was shut down in April 2019. Currently, it is still available for G Suite customers. […]

The surprising name of Samsung's next big smartwatch is finally confirmed

06 Jun 20 | Mobile, News

You may not remember this now, but Samsung actually managed to beat Apple to the punch with the 2013 announcement […]

Tomorrow is Global 5G Protest Day; U.S. towers have reportedly been threatened

05 Jun 20 | Mobile, News

Remember that unproven conspiracy theory allegedly linking 5G towers to the coronavirus outbreak? The rumor was spread on social-media by […]

Facebook soon to release dark mode for its main app alongside COVID-19 tracker

05 Jun 20 | Mobile, News

Facebook is probably one of the few major Android apps that haven’t received a proper dark mode yet. We’re not […]

Discover the hidden code that allows Google Maps to share your precise location

05 Jun 20 | Mobile, News

How would you like to share with a friend or family member more precise location data to make it easier […]