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Next-Gen Console AAA Titles to Sell for $69.99

It looks like AAA games for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will finally make a pricing leap upwards, […]

Sony Unveils PS5 Design, Two SKUs

11 Jun 20 | Games, Playstation, PS5, Sony, Windows

Today, Sony hosted its gaming event where the company showed off a wide variety of titles. Everything from Gran Turismo […]

Sony Reschedules PS5 Game Showcase Event

Late last month, Sony announced an event for the PlayStation 5. The event was expected to take place on June […]

Sony Begins Manufacturing the PlayStation 5

Sony announced today that it has begun manufacturing the PlayStation 5 and is on track for a global holiday 2020 […]

Minecraft Dungeons is Now Available

Microsoft announced today that Minecraft Dungeons is available now on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and […]

Xbox Game Pass is Beating PlayStation Now

Microsoft may be losing the console wars, but its Xbox Game Pass video game subscription service is outpacing Sony’s offering […]

PlayStation 5 Still on Track for 2020, Sony Says

As part of its quarterly earnings report, Sony said that its next-generation PlayStation 5 video game console was still “on […]

Sony Unveils its PlayStation 5 Controller

While Microsoft has unveiled much of its next-generation hardware, Sony has been much slower at announcing details around the PlayStation […]