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The Sams Report: Go Sales Go

On this edition of the Sams report, an early report on how the device is selling, Magic leap plays its cards, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Launches – What The Tech Ep. 409

Andrew and I discuss the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch, Bixby powered Galaxy Home smart speaker, and much more. […]

Windows Weekly 581: Not with My Gorilla Hands

Leo, Mary Jo, and I discuss Surface Go pros and cons, Microsoft Managed Desktop misreporting, new Redstone 5 news, and […]

First Ring Daily 454: Magical Go Leaps

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily, Magic Leap has new hardware, Newton is going away, and a little more […]

First Ring Daily 453: Something about Amazon

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily, Amazon is a topic we discuss, T-mobile as well, and you know what, […]

First Ring Daily 452: Noticing the Obvious

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily, Paul sees a new light, Brad updates on insurance, and switching is likely […]

First Ring Daily Live: Moving Around Obstacles

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily Live, Paul is in the heat, Fortnite is out of the store, and […]

The Sams Report: Let’s Talk About Microsoft Hardware

On today’s episode of The Sams Report, I dive further into the Surface Go, what’s on the horizon, and a […]