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It’s the Web Browser, Stupid (Premium)

In evaluating Windows 10 on ARM again thanks to the Snapdragon 850-based Lenovo Yoga C630, its Achilles Heel is clear. […]

Google Creepiness: Science or Coincidence? (Premium)

16 Dec 18 | Cloud, Google, Mobile, Premium, Windows

There is a wide range of responses to Google’s privacy violations, from those who simply don’t care to those who […]

Google, We Need to Talk About the Pixel 3 Lite (Premium)

Apple’s plan to expand sales with iPhone XR has failed. Naturally, Google is trying to copy this strategy. The post […]

Ask Paul: December 14 (Premium)

14 Dec 18 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Happy Friday! With the holidays bearing down on us again, here’s another week-ending edition of Ask Paul. The post Ask […]

How to Write a Book – What I Learned and The Tools Used to Write Beneath a Surface (premium)

Writing a book is a serious task but with the right tools, it becomes a little bit easier; here’s how […]

Microsoft’s Embrace of Chromium is Historic (Premium)

On December 7, 1995, Microsoft announced a new strategy by which it would “embrace and extend” the Internet in all […]

Ask Paul: December 7 (Premium)

07 Dec 18 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Happy Internet Tidal Wave day! Given this week’s blockbuster news, there are many questions about the future of Microsoft Edge. […]

Game Over for Firefox? (Premium)

Microsoft’s belated adoption of Chromium is great news for everybody. Well. Almost everybody. The post Game Over for Firefox? (Premium) appeared […]