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Programming Windows: We Fought the Web and the Web Won (Premium)

Microsoft dragged its developer base into a losing battle against open source and open standards that lasted for decades. And […]

What I Learned Porting .NETpad to … UWP? (Premium)

What I Learned Porting .NETpad to … UWP? (Premium) – Premium The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) isn’t particularly well-suited […]

What I Learned Porting .NETpad to C# (Premium)

What I Learned Porting .NETpad to C# (Premium) – Premium I decided to port .NETpad from Visual Basic to […]

What I’ve Learned About C#, Visual Basic, Windows Forms, XAML, and WPF (Premium)

My previous understanding of .NET, Visual Basic .NET, and Windows Forms was that Microsoft had, to some, betrayed what made […]

Programming Windows: Hello, C# (Premium)

The results, Visual J++ and the Windows Foundation Classes, were perhaps too successful: In 1997, Java owner Sun sued Microsoft […]

Programming Windows: Anders (Premium)

Programming Windows: Anders (Premium) – Premium Anders Hejlsberg has been doing the impossible since his first foray into programming […]

Programming Windows: Microsoft Announces .NET (Premium)

Programming Windows: Microsoft Announces .NET (Premium) – Premium Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson followed up the early April 2000 release […]

Programming Windows: COOL (Premium)

Programming Windows: COOL (Premium) – Premium In February 1999, just months after Microsoft shipped a sophisticated new version of […]