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What We Know and Don’t Know, About Microsoft’s Next Gen Consoles

It’s no secret that Microsoft is working on its next-gen consoles under the umbrella name of Scarlett. The company has […]

Microsoft to Talk Next Gen Consoles at E3 2019

In June, Microsoft will be heading to Los Angeles where the company will be hosting its annual E3 keynote. And […]

A 240 FPS Xbox Console? Let’s Talk Next Gen CPU

Over the holiday break, the rumor-mill went a bit nuts with the idea that Anaconda, the next generation premium console […]

Deciphering Xbox Scarlett: Anaconda, Anthem, Danta, Lockhart, Maverick, and Roma

It’s no secret that Microsoft is working on its next-generation console for an expected release in 2020. The hardware is […]

A Few More Details About Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett Game Streaming Service

23 Jul 18 | scarlett, Streaming, Windows, Xbox

Back at E3, Microsoft mentioned that they were working on a next-generation console. At that time, I noted that this […]