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Apple Now Lets Users Stop Sharing Voice Recordings for Siri Grading Program

10 Oct 19 | Apple, iOS, iOS 13.2, Mobile, Siri, Windows

Apple was under fire back in August when a report revealed the company was using human contractors to review audio […]

Apple Makes Changes to Siri Data Collection

28 Aug 19 | Apple, iOS, Mobile, Siri, smart home, Windows

Apple Makes Changes to Siri Data Collection – Posted on August 28, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Apple, iOS, […]

Former Siri Boss Joins Microsoft

19 Aug 19 | AI, Apple, Cloud, Microsoft, Mobile, Siri, Windows

Bill Stasior, who led Apple’s Siri efforts for several years, has joined Microsoft to lead an AI group under CTO […]

Apple Cuts the Price of Its HomePod Speaker Worldwide

04 Apr 19 | Apple, Homepod, Siri, Windows

Apple first launched its HomePod smart speaker powered by Siri back in January 2018. Coming in at $350, the device […]

Google No Longer Considers Cortana a Competitor

Alphabet’s most recent annual report dropped Microsoft from a list of competitors in the digital assistant market. This change, first […]

Apple Buys Voice App Startup Used to Build Apps for Google Assistant and Alexa

16 Feb 19 | Apple, PullString, Siri, Windows

Apple has reportedly acquired voice app startup PullString. Axios reported last night that Cupertino has picked up the voice app […]

iOS 12.2 Teases AirPods 2 With Hey Siri Integration

Apple released the first beta of iOS 12.2 to developers last night. The company is introducing some minor changes to […]

Google Assistant Just Kicked Alexa’s Ass. And it Doesn’t Matter (Premium)

There are over 100 million Amazon Alexa-powered devices out in the world. But there are ten times as many Google […]