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These are the Apps I Rely On (Premium)

I install the same basic set of desktop applications, web apps, and Store apps on every PC I use. Here’s […]

Skype Gets a New Recently Active Status

Microsoft is testing a new update for Skype that’s going to introduce some changes to the account statuses. The company […]

Here’s How Skype Will Work on Amazon’s Echo Devices

Amazon’s Echo devices will soon be getting a major new integration: Skype. Microsoft only today launched a new Alexa Skill […]

Now Microsoft Will Kill Skype 7 in November

27 Sep 18 | Skype, Windows

Bad news for those hoping to stick with the classic desktop version of Skype: Microsoft is pulling the plug. Again. […]

Skype Hammers Another Nail in Cortana’s Coffin (Premium)

Today, Amazon announced numerous new smart home products, among them a smart display that will include Skype video call support. […]

SMS Connect Comes to Skype Insider Preview

10 Sep 18 | Android, Skype, SMS, SMS Connect, Windows

Microsoft is now offering its first external peek at SMS Connect for Skype, which lets you receive Android-based text messages […]

Skype Can Finally Record Your Calls

04 Sep 18 | Skype, Skype 8, Windows

Skype is getting a much-requested feature today: call recording. After weeks of testing, Microsoft is rolling out Call Recording for […]

Microsoft Kills Skype’s Snapchat Clone Because No One Actually Used It

Microsoft just announced a number of changes the company is rolling out to restore Skype’s simplicity and familiarity. When the […]