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Sonos Apologies, Reverses Course on Legacy Devices

24 Jan 20 | Sonos, Windows

Sonos has responded to criticism of its recently-announced support policy for legacy products. And it’s doing the right thing. In […]

Sonos is Killing Support for Older Smart Speakers and Devices

21 Jan 20 | Sonos, Windows

Today, Sonos revealed that it will stop providing software updates for its oldest speakers and accessories, some of which date […]

Rethinking Whole-House Audio: IKEA Symfonisk Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers

As you may recall, IKEA and Sonos announced a small lineup of Symfonisk-branded smart speakers in April 2019 and then […]

Rethinking Whole-House Audio (Premium)

I try to steer clear of knee-jerk reactions, but the allegations in Sonos v. Google are troubling. Worse, I’ve been […]

Sonos Suing Google for Stealing Wireless Speaker Tech

07 Jan 20 | Amazon, Google, Hardware, Sonos, Windows

Sonos is suing Google for stealing the wireless speaker technology the company pioneered with its high-end speakers. The company today […]

Sonos Move Is the Company’s First Speaker With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Sonos is today introducing three new products. The highlight, however, is the new Sonos Move. The company’s new $399 speaker […]

Pictures of the First Sonos Portable Bluetooth Speaker Leak

18 Aug 19 | Hardware, Sonos, Sonos Move, Windows

Sonos is soon going to be expanding its line up of speakers with a new member: the Sonos Move. Unlike […]

Hands-On: Sonos One with Google Assistant

Excited by the possibility of integrating Sonos smart speakers into my whole-house audio system, I purchased a Sonos One recently. […]