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Google Makes Stadia Free for 2 Months

Google made a surprise announcement today: it’s making Stadia available for free for the next two months. The offer will […]

Google Stadia Will Support More Phones Starting This Week

Google is announcing a big upgrade to its game-streaming service, Stadia. So far, the company’s game streaming service only worked […]

UK’s Biggest ISP Is Bundling Google Stadia With Its Broadband Offers

Google is taking an interesting new approach with its cloud game streaming platform Stadia. The company today announced its partnership […]

Google Stadia Launches New Game Store on the Web

Google Stadia started off with a pretty rough launch, but Google is quickly fixing some of its early problems. The […]

Google’s Stadia Controller to Get Wireless Support for Phones, Desktops in 2020

Google Stadia has had a pretty poor launch. With the company delaying several headline features, and complaints about the game-streaming […]

Google Stadia Review: A Future of Uncertainty

Google is trying to break into a market that is made up of gamers who are fiercely loyal to their […]

Google Details Which Features Will (and Won’t) Work at Stadia’s Launch

Next week, Google will launch one of its most anticipated products in recent memory. Stadia, the company’s new game-streaming service, […]

Google’s Stadia Wireless Controller Won’t Be Wireless at Launch

Google revealed its own wireless Stadia Controller with the launch of its cloud game streaming service. And although the Stadia […]