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T-Mobile Acquires Sprint

01 Apr 20 | Cloud, Sprint, T-Mobile, Windows

T-Mobile announced today that it has completed its acqui-merger of Sprint, creating what it calls a “supercharged Un-carrier.” “During this […]

T-Mobile Launches Its 5G Network

02 Dec 19 | 5G, Mobile, T-Mobile, Windows

T-Mobile is launching its 5G network in the United States this week. The company’s new “nationwide” 5G network is going […]

T-Mobile Reports Data Breach Affecting More Than a Million Customers

25 Nov 19 | Mobile, T-Mobile, Windows

Over the weekend, T-Mobile reported a security breach affecting a minor portion of its users. The company announced that a […]

T-Mobile Will Exclusively Sell the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren

T-Mobile today announced its second device to support 5G. The company is partnering with OnePlus to exclusively sell the OnePlus […]

T-Mobile Introduces a Cheaper Unlimited Plan

07 Aug 18 | Cloud, Mobile, T-Mobile, Windows

T-Mobile today announced a new Essentials wireless plan that undercuts the pricing of unlimited plans at Verizon and AT&T. But […]

T-Mobile + Sprint = 5G

30 Apr 18 | Cloud, Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, Windows

After years of failed attempts, T-Mobile and Sprint announced over the weekend that they had reached an agreement to merge. […]

Exploring Alternate Wireless Plans (Premium)

I’ve been exploring low-cost alternate wireless plans. And I feel like this is an area for great savings that anyone […]