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Class-Action Lawsuit Adds to TikTok Drama

05 Aug 20 | Social, TikTok, Windows

A class-action lawsuit involving 20 US-based families claims that TikTok steals private data and sends it to servers in China. […]

Damned if You Do (Premium)

Damned if You Do (Premium) – Premium Over the weekend, Microsoft admitted that it would like to acquire the […]

Microsoft Confirms Its Interest In Buying TikTok

02 Aug 20 | Microsoft, TikTok, Windows

While I keep muttering that 2020 can’t get any stranger, here we are with Microsoft announcing that it is pursuing […]

Microsoft in Talks to Acquire TikTok

31 Jul 20 | Microsoft, Social, TikTok, Windows

Multiple reports claim that Microsoft is seriously considering acquiring TikTok, the controversial social networking platform. Fox Business, Bloomberg and The […]

Snapchat Takes a Page Out of TikTok’s Book

19 Dec 18 | Snapchat, Social, TikTok, Windows

TikTok, the wildly popular successor to, has been one of the major highlights of the internet this year. TikTok […]