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These are the Mobile Apps I Rely On (Premium)

As with my PCs, I install the same basic set of mobile apps on each phone and tablet that I […]

These are the Apps I Rely On (Premium)

I install the same basic set of desktop applications, web apps, and Store apps on every PC I use. Here’s […]

This is How I Configure Windows 10 (Premium)

I’ve developed a strategy for minimizing the annoyances in Windows 10 and optimizing it to be as efficient as possible. […]

What I Use: Markdown (Premium)

A few years ago, I switched to a Markdown editor to simplify my writing workflow. This confuses some. The post […]

What I Use: International Travel Apps and Services (Premium)

It’s been a few years since I last documented the mobile apps and services that I rely on while traveling […]

What I Use, Build 2018: MacBook Air (Premium)

I’m taking a Mac to Build 2018, and you’re never going to believe what happens next. The post What I […]

Pocket Casts Comes to the Microsoft Store

As you may know, Pocket Casts is my favorite podcast app, and it’s on the short list of apps I […]

The Promise of Google Assistant Routines Remains Unmet (Premium)

Routines represent the second-generation of the digital assistant era, where we move past simple command/response interactions. To access this post, […]