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Programming Windows: We Fought the Web and the Web Won (Premium)

Microsoft dragged its developer base into a losing battle against open source and open standards that lasted for decades. And […]

Fast Ring is Switching to Windows 10 21H1 in Late June

Or, at least that’s the plan, according to a Microsoft blog post that was mysteriously edited to remove this information. […]

Project Reunion Is Microsoft’s New Attempt at Unifying Windows 10 App Development

At Build 2020, Microsoft is introducing a new vision for unifying app development for Windows 10. The company’s latest attempt […]

Panos, Word by Word (Premium)

Panos, Word by Word (Premium) – Premium In writing about Windows for over 25 years, I’ve also always been […]

It’s Official: Windows 10X is for Single-Screen PCs

A month ago, we heard that Microsoft was rethinking its plans for Windows 10X. Today, Panos Panay confirmed that change. […]

The Windows 10X Problem (Premium)

The Windows 10X Problem (Premium) – Premium I’m sure you’ve seen the news: Microsoft is delaying the release of […]

Microsoft Reportedly Changes Windows 10X Plans, Won’t Launch Surface Neo This Year

Microsoft has reportedly made major changes to its strategy for Windows 10X this week. The company informed employees of the […]

Quick Hands-On with Windows 10X Emulator Build 19578

11 Mar 20 | Windows, Windows 10X

This week, Microsoft released a much-improved version of its Windows 10X emulator. Now, anyone can try it out—well, assuming you […]