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Apple’s Video Service Will Succeed Where Microsoft Failed (Premium)

And maybe Apple, of all companies, will be the one that actually succeeds in breaking past that simplistic and unscalable […]

Windows 10 Mobile Is Dead Dead

Windows 10 Mobile is dead. No, I am being serious. Yes, for real for real. It is dead. Dead dead. […]

Major Update to Windows Phone Internals Tool Unlocks All Lumia Phones

After nearly two years of reverse engineering work, Windows Phone hacker René (“Heathcliff74”) announced a major update to his Windows […]

Delta To Move Away From Surface and Windows Mobile for iOS Devices

A few years ago, when Delta announced that they would be using Surfaces and Windows Mobile devices on their planes, […]

Microsoft’s Looking to Reboot Mobile with New Software and Hardware

With the demise of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile well documented, those who have been holding out for Microsoft […]