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Hands-On with Halo: Reach for PC

The last time Microsoft published a Halo game for the PC, it was a Games for Windows Live title for […]

Here Are the Xbox Games With Gold for December

It may seem like 2019 just started a few months ago, but we are almost nearing the end of the […]

Microsoft Brings Message Safety Settings to Xbox

14 Oct 19 | Games, Windows, Xbox Live, Xbox One

As part of a broader effort to end the toxicity on Xbox Live, Microsoft today introduced message safety features to […]

Streamer Review Goes Live on Mixer on September 4

Microsoft announced today that its Streamer Review system for Mixer will go live on September 4, 2019. “We want viewers […]

Xbox Live Outage Blocks You From Playing Your Digital Games

07 Aug 19 | Windows, Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox One

Instead of playing Apex Legends right now, I’m writing this post to let you know that Xbox Live is down […]

Cuphead Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch With Xbox Live Integration

Studio MDHR’s incredibly difficult Cuphead title is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. With Xbox Live going cross-platform, Microsoft […]

Next-Gen Xbox Avatars Are Here for Insiders

After a long, long wait, Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Avatars are almost here. The company has been teasing the new Avatar […]

Microsoft Talks Xbox Milestones Ahead of E3

With E3 just a month away, Microsoft is highlighting some interesting Xbox platform growth metrics. No, not console sales. You […]