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Hacker Leaks Xbox Series X GPU Source Code

AMD has confirmed that a hacker has stolen and leaked some of the source code for its custom Xbox Series […]

DirectX 12 Ultimate is the Missing Xbox Series X Link

This week has been filled with gaming-related news. On Monday, Microsoft pulled back the curtains on the Xbox series X […]

The Series X Features that Didn’t Make the Headlines

This week is going to be filled with gaming hardware announcements. Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X specs and […]

Xbox Series X Will Let Gamers Resume Games Even After a Reboot

Microsoft kicked this week off with a major update on Xbox Series X, where the company confirmed some of the […]

Microsoft Shares Official Xbox Series X Specs

Microsoft is today confirming some new details on the next-gen Xbox console. The company is sharing some new official specs […]

What’s the Xbox Series X Mystery Port? It’s for Expandable Storage

As we move towards the next generation of consoles, one item that is presenting challenges for Microsoft (and likely Sony […]

Xbox Series X Hardware Shows Up Early

22 Jan 20 | Windows, Xbox, Xbox Series X

Two weeks ago, I wrote up the ports that were on the back of the Xbox Series X and today, […]

Sony is Skipping E3 and Microsoft’s Exclusives Are Cross Platform

Last year, Sony made a significant change to its gaming strategy by skipping the largest gaming-related conference of the year, […]