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Disney+ Will Offer Four Simultaneous Streams and Free UHD Content

Posted August 24, 2019 | Disney+ | Music + Videos | Windows

Disney’s video-streaming service is launching in November, and the company has already revealed a lot of details about the Disney+ streaming service. At D23, Disney revealed more details about the new service, including trailers for some new shows, as well as announcements for some upcoming exclusive shows, mainly from Marvel.

The company also showed off demos of Disney+ at the event, revealing some new details about the service. Eric Vespe, an entertainment reporter, tweeted out some details about Disney+ from the event. According to Vespe, Disney+ will offer four simultaneous streams and 4K/UHD, and Dolby Atmos content. The service will launch with more than 500 films and over 7,000 episodes of TV content.

And that’s a massive deal — at $6.99 a month, being able to stream Disney movies in 4K will be a huge plus-point for Dinsey. On services like Netflix, you have to pay a premium price, which is more than double the price of Disney+, to get 4K content.

Disney+ will also allow users to have up to 7 different profiles per account, compared to Netflix’s five. It will allow users to stream on four different devices simultaneously, and let you download content in up to 10 devices per account for offline viewing.

Vespe does note that Disney+ will lack in terms of R-rated content, but a Disney+ representative said that all of Disney+ content will, at best, be PG-13. Disney will, however, ship most of its original titles with bonus content like deleted scenes, documentaries, etc., which does sound like a pretty solid deal.

Disney+ is increasingly becoming more appealing with every new announcement, especially considering all the shows and movies Disney has already announced for Disney+. For Netflix, there’s some tough competition coming up. And for Apple? Well, I really don’t know about Apple. 

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