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European Commission staff required to use end-to-end encryption messaging app Signal for texting

Posted February 25, 2020 | Mobile | News

In recent years, end-to-end encryption messaging app Signal has been gaining popularity for its simple interface, open-source technology and improved security. Privacy experts consider Signal to be superior in regards to security to other messaging apps and more and more people start to prefer it, as it develops more and more general public-oriented features.Now, Politico reports that Signal has been selected as the recommended app for public instant messaging for the European Commission. The messaging app is recommended for use between EC staff and people external to the organization.

The European Commission has been trying to improve the organization’s cybersecurity situation for a couple of years already. There have been several reports of cybersecurity breaches of EC systems. In December 2018, cybersecurity firm Area 1 Security informed the EU that thousands of confidential diplomatic exchanges had been leaked. Diplomatic information was allegedly stolen in 2017 as well.

At the moment, the EC has strict security rules for classified information, and requirement for the usage of encrypted emails while exchanging non-classified information. Now, they will be using Signal for messaging, which shows that the Commission is working towards better security.

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