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Facebook Launches New Messenger Desktop App

Posted April 2, 2020 | Facebook | Messenger | Social | Windows

Facebook is today launching a new app for Facebook Messenger. The company has been working on the new desktop app for a while, and it’s now releasing the new app to the public at a time where demand for video calling apps is rapidly increasing.

Facebook said the company has seen more than a 100% increased in people using their desktop browser to make calls on Messenger over the past month. With its new Messenger app, Facebook wants to make it easier to make calls on the platform.

In terms of the experience, Messenger doesn’t provide any massive differences than the web app. The new desktop app, which is available on Windows and Mac, works almost exactly like the web app. It has a dark mode as well and supports notifications.

The new app will obviously make it easier to make calls on Messenger for desktop users, but it still has a major limitation. Right now, you can’t use Messenger to share your screen which may be a problem for some. Either way, you can get the new Messenger app from the Mac App Store here, and the Microsoft Store here. 

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