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Google Stadia Starts Getting Assistant Integration

Posted December 4, 2019 | Games | Google Assistant | Google Stadia | Windows

When Google first launched Stadia, the company promised a lot of things. A lot of those promises were nowhere to be seen at launch, but Google has started delivering some of those features in the last few weeks.

The company has now started rolling out the promised Google Assistant integration this week, though it’s first launching in early access (via Engadget).

Google didn’t release an official announcement for the feature’s release, but a Google employee confirmed the release on the Stadia subreddit. “We’ve rolled out some Google Assistant functionality for your Stadia Controller. Try using the button to start your next game when you’re on the Stadia homescreen on Chromecast,” said the employee.

The feature seems to be a little limited right now, and only works in the home screen where users can ask Assistant questions, or ask it to launch games on Stadia. Google plans to eventually add support for Assistant while you are playing games, allowing you to get help for the games you are playing from Assistant. That feature doesn’t seem to be ready yet, though.

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