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Microsoft Continues to Modernize Outlook Everywhere but on Windows

Posted November 4, 2019 | Mac and macOS | Outlook | Outlook for Mac | | Windows | Windows 10

Microsoft is introducing a new update to the Outlook app for Mac. And it’s not just a minor update, the new experience introduces major improvements to the interface to improve the Outlook desktop experience on the Mac, bringing it more in line with the mobile counterparts.

The new design isn’t all about looks, and there are some new features behind the scenes. The new app now uses the same Microsoft sync technology uses by Outlook mobile apps, meaning the syncing experience on Outlook for Mac is now “faster and more reliable.”

Outlook for Mac is getting Microsoft Search integration that enables a faster experience and displays suggested options in the search. It also comes with a new mail composing interface. The company has added the ability to ignore emails, and the ability to tweak the toolbar/ribbon as you like with the new app, reports The Verge. 

The new Outlook for Mac even introduces an improved experience for Outlook calendar, with a new My Day view that helps you organize your day better.

All in all, this is a solid new update for Outlook on the Mac. The new app will be available as an opt-in experience for Outlook for Mac Insiders part of the Fast Ring. And although this is a really nice update for Outlook, it’s still really disappointing to see Microsoft continuing to neglect the Outlook experience on Windows 10.

Even though the Outlook desktop app is quite powerful, the experience simply isn’t modern enough and feels very out of date when compared to Outlook’s mobile counterparts. And the Mail app on Windows 10 continues to offer a limited experience with an inconsistent design that simply doesn’t make any sense, especially when you consider the rate at which Microsoft is upgrading Outlook on Android and iOS.

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