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Microsoft Enters the 5G Market With Latest Acquisition

Posted March 26, 2020 | Affirmed Networks | Cloud | Microsoft | Microsoft Azure | Mobile | Windows

Microsoft is getting into the 5G market with a new acquisition. The company today announced it is acquiring Affirmed Networks, a company that provides virtualized, cloud-native mobile network solutions.

That probably won’t make a ton of sense, but Affirmed Networks’ solutions essentially help network operators reduce costs and rapidly launch new services.

With the acquisition of Affirmed Networks, Microsoft is getting into the 5G game in an interesting new way. Of course, Microsoft will eventually be launching its own hardware with 5G connectivity at some point, but this is completely different from that. Instead, what Microsoft aims to do with the technology of Affirmed Networks is to offer network operators with new solutions that help them deploy and maintain 5G networks efficiently.

“With Affirmed Networks, we will be able to offer new and innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of operators, including managing their network workloads in the cloud,” says Yousef Khalidi, Corporate Vice President of Azure Networking at Microsoft.

Microsoft essentially plans to integrate Affirmed Networks technology into its own cloud solutions part of Microsoft Azure to offer carriers with new services that help them improve overall profitability in the world of 5G connectivity.

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